The Premier Service Organization at UCR

Who We Are

Preparing Leaders Through Service

Alpha Phi Omega is a national coeducational service organization founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. It provides its members the opportunity to develop leadership skills as they volunteer on their campus, in their community, to the nation, and to the organization. With more than 400,000 members on over 375 campuses, Alpha Phi Omega continues to provide more service opportunities than any other collegiate service organization.

The Alpha Delta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was first established in 1994 at the University of California, Riverside, making it one of the oldest service organizations on campus. With our misson of preparing leaders through service, our members come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Brothers with their letters


What we focus on here at Alpha Phi Omega


As a professional fraternity, we want our members to develop as leaders. Whether it be serving on our executive committee, or attending regional and national Alpha Phi Omega conferences, we encourage the professional growth of our fellow brothers.


Fellowship within our extensive brotherhood is what defines us as a fraternity. Our aim is to welcome a diverse group of brothers and give them a place to call home during their time here at UC Riverside. The bonds created within this organization are carried out onto life beyond campus.


Through weekly services, our members dedicate their time into improving our campus, community, nation, and fraternity. We believe in the importance of connecting with the local community, and encourage this through our various events.

President's Message

Fall 2021

Hello! My name is Khaeilene and I am the current President of Alpha Phi Omega here at UCR.

As a third year that joined this fraternity in my first year of college, I can say with the utmost confidence that this organization has been the highlight of my college career. Throughout my time as a brother of APO, I’ve been able to develop my interpersonal skills, grow a deeper appreciation for meaningful service events, and meet so many amazing people across the country!

Of course, everyone’s experience is unique; whether you’re looking for a way to give back to the community or hoping to form some new long-lasting friendships, I know that you’ll find a place in our chapter. Even though this year is starting off a little differently due to the pandemic, I’m really excited to see all the ways the chapter and its brothers will grow and I hope you consider joining us in being a leader, being a friend, and being of service!

Khaeilene Epan

Portrait of President